AVI to MPEG Converter Software

If you have a video file on your computer in AVI format and you want to convert it to MPEG format, you will need to download a video converter that supports AVI as an input and MPEG as an output file. There are numerous programs available to complete this task, but we've reviewed a few of the more popular and better options here.avi to mpeg converter software reviews

In our reviews, we're looking for software that is first and foremost, easy-to-use. We wanted to be able to quickly and easily convert AVI to MPEG without much thought. The next thing we were looking for was a bug-free software, meaning a software that doesn't shut down or have other errors while running. The third thing we were looking for was increased functionality. Right now, we need to convert AVI to MPEG, next week we might need to convert WMV to VOB format or some other option. We wanted a program that can tackle multiple conversion options.

All of the software we reviewed here offer free trial downloads. This is a good way to test them out for yourself to ensure they accomplish what you need. If so, then you can pay for a full-featured program.

Without further ado, here's our favorite AVI to MPEG converters: