How to Convert AVI To MPEG

A Step-by-Step Conversion Tutorial

Converting AVI to MPEG format is extremely easy if you have the right software and know what you are doing. This tutorial is to walk you through the process using one of the software titles featured on this site. For this tutorial, we're going to use the Movavi VideoSuite. You are encouraged to download a free trial of Movavi and follow along using the video on your PC. Good luck!

Step One: Open up Movavi on your PC. Choose the first option entitled "Convert Video/DVD" from the upper left hand corner of the menu (see screenshot below).

Choose Convert Video/DVD from the menu


Step Two: Choose "Video" from the top of menu bar (as seen on screenshot below). You want to choose the AVI file on your computer that is to be converted to MPEG format.

Choose Your AVI File on Your PC to Convert


Step Three: Choose Your Output file type (MPG) in the bottom left hand side of the menu (see screenshot below)

Choose the MPG Format to be output


Step Four: Choose the Destination file location on your PC for your new MPEG (MPG) file to be stored.

Choose Export File Location on PC For new MPG


Step Five: Click "Convert" and Wait for File to be Converted. That's it, you are finished!

Click Convert and Wait for New MPEG to be Created!


Don't forget to download the Movavi VideoSuite and try this method out using your own video files. A Free trial version is available!

Download Movavi for Free