Movavi Video Suite Converter

Another .avi to .mpeg Conversion Solution

Movavi VideoSuite - AVI to MPEGThe Movavi VideoSuite is another outstanding solution for converting .avi to .mpeg quickly and easily. As a matter-a-fact, it's amazingly simple to use. To convert your AVI to MPEG, you simply open the Movavi Suite, select the "Convert Video/DVD" option, select the file to convert and the output file type and select a destination on your computer to store the new file. It takes about 15 seconds to get it all ready!

Much like the AVS Video Converter, the Movavi VideoSuite offers much more than just AVI to MPEG conversion. It can convert between almost any video format imaginable (including DVD), it can author DVDs from other sources like video cameras, TV/cable inputs, satellite, VHS tapes and more.

It can also format your videos and DVDs to play on other devices like an iPod, AppleTV, Zune, PSP, cell phone and other video storage devices. It can also make backup copies of DVDs or store DVD files on your PC or portable hard drive for additional backup.

The control panel of the Movavi software is easy to use and simple to navigate. In our tests, we experienced no errors or computer crashes of any kind. It was highly effective at accomplishing our AVI to MPEG conversion tasks.

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